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Us101 Week 1 Assignment

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What were the outcomes of your MyFoundationsLab Path Builder?

My outcome for the My Foundation Lab Builder was somewhat better than I expect because it has been so long since I've been in school. I received mastered of assessment marks on The craft of writing and Punctuation, Mechanics, and Spelling. However my marks on Sentence Skills were very low and I need to study to improve my rating on this subject matter.

How do the skills apply to your academic life?

I do believe these skills or lack of skills will be very important to my academic life and academic success. It shows me what I need to work so I will be better able to do my writing assignments. Working and improving these skills will help me get better grades in class. It will also save me time when it comes to doing my assignments since I will not need to have my worked looked over as much before submitting them for grades.

How do the skills apply to your professional life?

I do believe having great writing skills are important in the professional life as well. Having bad writing skills looks bad on you especially if you sent out emails, word presentation or your needed to post reports. It would probably stop you from getting an advancement or higher wages. I think having great writing and communications skills are the only way you will be able to get ahead in your professional life.

Were you surprised by the results? Why or why not?

To be honest I was surprise in a positive way in the outcome of my writing skills. Do not get me wrong I definitely need to improve on all skills, especially my sentence skills but at least I was not as bad as I expect to be. Going back to high school which was over sixteen years ago for me, I always struggled with my writing and grammar subjects. I do plan on getting this correct so I will no longer be ashamed of these certain skill...

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