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Us101 Week3 Effective Study Habits

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Effective Study Habits Worksheet

Review Phoenix Career Plan results of Career Plan Building Activity: Work Culture Preference, respond to the following in 50 to 100 words each:

1. Describe your ideal study environment.

My ideal study environment would be a nice quiet place with no Distractions like: my kids asking me to do something for them every 5 minutes or a place with no white noise like a fan or the air pump in my fish tank. My ideal study environment would have a comfy chair with lumbar support a quiet temperature controlled room and the proper lighting for reduce visual stress.

2. List some of the distractions that might hinder your study progress or your performance in an online classroom.

Distractions that hinder my study progress and or performance are: having to get up in the middle of studying to get somebody a drink, clean my house or if an uninvited guest drops in to say ‘hi.” Two other examples would be a telemarketer calling or unexpected repairs to my home.

3. What actions can you take to manage and eliminate distractions?

Some actions I could take to manage these distractions are to stay up late or get up early when everybody else is sleeping, so I get some piece and quiet. I could inspect my home daily to look for things that may require my attention and get them taken care of ahead of time.

4. How will you apply your personal learning style? How does your personal Learning style affect your study habits?

I will apply my personal learning style by trying to remember the aspects of my style and how it psychologically helps me learn. I will act upon trying different methods of learning to see what really works best for me. My personal learning style affects my study habits by giving me the knowledge of how I study best, so I can use these...

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