Use of Fly Ash in Civil Engineering

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The aim of the Project is to find out the geo-engineering properties of fly ash, which can act as a stabilizer to many soils in geo-engineering field. The project describes the use of local fly ash in construction industry in a way to minimize the industrial waste. Their been serious shortage of natural material, which are used in Highway or Earth dam construction. Due to soil excavation, deforestation occurs which affects the bio-diversity. Industrial waste such as fly-ash, slag etc can be effectively used in soil stabilization. Several geo engineering Labrotory experiments were performed on fly ash to determine its properties, which may be used in road construction, earth dam construction, soil stabilization etc. If these materials can be used in highway or dam construction, it will be a great effort in minimizing the industrial pollution. Fly ash was collected from captive power plant from the dump pad of Rourkela steel plant. These are stored in air tight container after being oven-dried. Experiments such as determination of compaction properties, CBR analysis, Un-confined compressive strength test, permeability etc are done in order to determine the geo-engineering properties of fly ash, which can taken account in the construction field. A brief comparison is made between fly ash and other soil properties which are used as sub-grade, base in Highway construction.

Electricity is the key for development of any country. Coal is a major source of fuel for production of electricity in many countries in the world. In the process of electricity generation large quantity of fly ash gets produced and becomes available as a byproduct of coal-based power stations. It is a fine powder resulting from the combustion of powdered coal - transported by the flue gases of the boiler and collected in the Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP).