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Used Is The Best Route To Choose.

If planning on shopping for a vehicle and are trying to decide whether to purchase new or used the following information will help you choose the most economical choice. Used or certified pre owned vehicles are the best option, because of the economic status of some households, the type of insurance one can afford, and the wider variety of vehicles that are options for ownership. New vehicles offer warranties, no previous owner and original new car smell, and the biggest issue a huge car payment and outrageous insurance payment to keep up with the “Brand New Car!”(Drew Carey, Price is Right). Used vehicles offer ownership sooner than new vehicles. A larger car payment is more common on a brand new vehicle. In this economic hardship that the nation is enduring at this time many households can afford to pay a smaller payment in order to own quicker. With a new car it may take up to two years before you can flat out own your vehicle and you have to pay for monthly upkeep and gas. The maintenance needed for a vehicle can be pricey and if you have a larger payment with a new vehicle some repairs may not be in your budget or covered by certain warranties. If the used vehicle has a repair needed the money you saved from owning the used vehicle will leave extra money for the upkeep of the car. Because some repairs may be caused by an accident that’s where the type of insurance the buyer can afford in the next section insurance will be compared. Comparing Auto insurance quotes on “Gieco Insurance” and “Progressive Insurance” the ranges for a 2002 Ford Focus SE were lower without having full coverage. If buying a new car full coverage insurance would not be optional and would cost for Progressive Auto Insurance “$178.34” (, and for Gieco Auto Insurance “197.31” ( Even in this example of a quote for a single, female commuter with stable employment that owns her own home were still quite high. These quotes don’t include the payment amount on the new or used vehicle. This could range depending on your credit or financer while purchasing. The necessity to have car insurance is not an option it is a requirement. To have full coverage insurance affordable is to own a used vehicle compared to new vehicle. Just purchase the new car smell air freshener and hang in the mirror of your used car this way full coverage insurance is in your reach. In this section we discussed needing the best car insurance coverage that is in your price range and affordable in your household. The variety may vary if looking to purchase a new or used you would like variety. While everyone likes the new sports car commercials the price range may not even come close to getting anything but a test drive. When getting the most variety and choice for your buck going used is the only option. Your choices will be more budget friendly and you can actually have an option in make, model, luxury or sport and whether you can have extras of gadgets and gizmos in your fully coverage used vehicle. You are less likely to find a fully loaded vehicle in your price range if looking for a new vehicle you are limited to what you can get near the lower end of your budget. Also have to include getting the upgrades you would love to have along with your new car that must be added on to your bill of car payment amount, insurance payment, and don’t ever forget gas. So when looking to decided where the colors of a rainbow can be a choice with a used car or your stuck hoping for a paint job certificate as a gift one year after getting your Brand new, white, two door, economy2006 Ford Focus!

Lastly, here are tips on for buying a used car according to Sucich, reporter for Gate House News Service, “1. Do research on any car your interested in; 2.Take it to a mechanic;
3. Take a Test Drive; 4. Know the right time to buy…end of the month, end of the day; 5. Expect to pay a little more for a used vehicle that is only a few years old”. When making your choice just remember that used vehicles give you more flexibility in affordability and it gives you more options on variety with the capability to afford full coverage insurance. Works Cited

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