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User Manual Critique: Marantz Dvd Player Dv4003

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User Manual Critique: Marantz DVD Player DV4003
This critique is on the Marantz DVD Player DV4003 user manual. This manual was chosen at random from brand names with which I am unfamiliar so as to provide an unbiased critique on its printed material.
The user manual for this particular product is very comprehensive. Although there are 54 pages total including the covers, the information is organized well and in a logical order. The chapters are marked on the edge of the page for easy location in the manual, and the language (of the several available) in which this particular manual is written is highlighted on the top. The manual starts with a page giving congratulations on the purchase as well as information on DVD copy protection, the operating environment, and warnings and cautions. It welcomes the user and provides some valuable information before any startup or installation is discussed. This is followed by two pages of safety instructions that conclude with regulatory information. All of the legalities are covered before the “user” part of the manual begins.
Following all of the legally required information is the table of contents which is thorough and accurate. It is well organized with headings for the specific categorized chapters and subheadings or the indexed items in those categories. It is very simple to go through and see what is contained under each heading, and to find the needed steps by the layout. Helpful notes are marked with a very visible icon to grab the attention of the user. The categories/chapters and related information listed are as follows:
1. Before you start
This section explains features, box contents, putting batteries in the remote, file type compatibility, etc. It uses menu visuals and logos (disc and system compatibility) as well as graphics to accompany directions for battery insertion.
2. Connecting up
This section includes step-by-step instructions with graphics of the hardware that include callouts. The functions are each explained and setup appears to be very simple if the instructions are followed.
3. Controls & Displays
This section gives a very thorough visual and written explanation of each of the buttons on the remote control and the functions available. It also references other pages within this section for further explanation. All explanations are extremely thorough.
4. Getting Started
This section highlights just the basic functions needed in order to start using the player. It includes visuals of both the remote and the hardware so that the player can be operated with or without the remote control.
5. Playing Discs
This section highlights each of the functions on the remote including such features as subtitle language, camera angle, and repeat play. It includes visuals of the individual buttons on the remote as well as menu visuals for further explanation.
6. DVD Setup Menu
This section includes a table with the possible hardware settings with the default settings marked. It includes explanations of the settings and what they do depending on how each is set. It includes visuals of many different formats that correspond well to the information being described.
7. Additional Information
This section is dedicated to helpful information including disc maintenance, troubleshooting, and frequently asked questions. This section is not needed but contains very useful information to aid the user. Although this manual is 54 pages long and includes a vast amount of information, because of its organization it is useful to both the operator wishing only to plug it in and play it as well as to the operator wanting to know all of the details and extras available. It starts with simple and operative providing clear and concise explanations for hardware and functions, and separates the specific and complicated to later sections so that it accommodates all consumers. The highlighted chapter tabs along the edge of the page make it easy to find a particular section. It is not only very functional, but very user-friendly as well. References
Marantz DVD Player DV4003 User Guide. Retrieved from

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