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Uses of Computers in Hospitals

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Uses of Computers in Hospitals
The increasing population levels in our country and around the world means that doctors and hospitals have more patients than ever before. The advances in technology, such as the use of computers, fortunately allow the hospital staff to handle larger workloads and accommodate the increased need for their services. Computer and its peripherals are used extensively nowadays in hospitals for many purposes, as given below. 1. Medical Record Keeping : Electronic databases house information about patient medical histories, billing and payment records and insurance coverage. Computers allow hospital employees to manage this information efficiently, while limiting the use of paper and space needed to store hard copies of information. 2. Supply Inventory and Ordering : Inventories of hospital supplies can be tracked using computer systems that alert employees to the need to place a new order. This makes the management of hospital supplies practical and efficient. 3. Diagnostics: Doctors who work in laboratory settings frequently come across diseases and harmful agents that are difficult to diagnose. Doctors can set parameters in computer databases to assist them in diagnosing a condition in remote mode. 4. Research : Doctors use computers to conduct research on a patient's conditions or continue their own education. For instance, doctors can go to medical journal databases online to find out about ground-breaking research for a particular disease. Teaching hospitals also use computers as a resource for educating medical students about techniques and trends in all areas of medical specialization. 5. Online Communication : Some hospitals and clinics have realized that online communications are increasingly common among patients, prompting some doctors and staff to interact online with them. Hospital staff including doctors...

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