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This article discusses various assessments that are being utilized differently throughout the United States. There are some states that assesses on state standards and others assess on national standards. All fifty states have some type of statewide test in place that students should take at the end of the school year. Over the past years, school testing has been created several controversies around the nation. Most testing supporters look at assessments as a way to raise the expectation of a school and help guarantee that students are held to higher standards. Some believe that assessments often focus on what is measure and not the students critical thinking ability. Some testing experts believe that schools should implement assessments that are designed to produce critical thinking and problem solving skills. These type of test are more open-ended tests, where the students are judge on their essays on the strategies they use to solve a problem. Most states are concern with the cost of performance-based assessments, the consistency of the judges, may be the reason why most states have not adopted this type of assessment. The article also discusses how some states not only using assessments fto hold schools accountable, but also determine whether students should advance to the next grade level or graduate. Critics are concern that states that holding students accountable for this is an issue, especially when it is not evident if the states are providing the necessary tools for the students to pass.
Another concern that affects tests includes holding teachers, students, and schools accountable on assessments that are aligned with the state standards. Some states have chosen to mix the assessments that combine standards based tests and norm-references test....

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