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This paper aims to look at why vocational colleges, like Somerset College are unable to retain lecturers in the area of Construction.
As reported by Somerset College (2015) the College was founded in 1856 originally with its roots being in Science and Art. It eventually merged with the Technology School in the 1970’s and settled on the site the community are familiar with on Wellington road. One of the Colleges main aims is to create a College that produces students who are ready for the workplace. In September 2013 the new Industry Skills Centre was opened; this centre focuses on Automotive and the vocational Construction trades. A Colleges survival is dictated by student numbers which in turn links into funding, however a successful College will have quality teaching staff that have appropriate teaching qualifications as well as vocational experience. The Learning and Skills Development Agency (2005) published a research project centred on Recruitment and Retention of individuals with industrial experience. The paper speaks of good practice in retention such as professional development e.g. teaching qualifications, teaching pay initiatives, enhancing pay and flexible working. The aim of this report is to: establish why, after implementing the best practice cited in the LDSA report- Strebler et al (2005), is Somerset College unable to retain lecturers in Construction? A secondary aim is to also prove the hypotheses that Construction Lecturers are leaving the teaching profession to go back into the trade because the earning potential per day is vastly higher.
The objectives of the paper will be to explore:
∙ Data sets extracted from employee exit reports from 2008 to the present day to identify and explain reasons for leaving.
∙ Data sets extracted from the Construction Industry detailing from the same period trends in the industry in relation to starters...

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