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making takes place within the guidelines set by the strategic plan.

Data and information

Tactical information will be mostly internal with a few external sources being used. Internal information is likely to be function related: for example, how much ‘down time’ a production line must allocate for planned maintenance.

Tactical information is used by middle management (employees) when managing or planning projects.

The timescale is usually at least between 6 months and 5 years (depending on the scale of the strategic project). Circumstances vary but a small project may have a tactical timescale of between one and six months.

Tactical plans have a medium level of detail and will be very specific; they deal with such matters as who is doing what and within what specific budgets and timescales.

These plans have medium scope and will address details at the operational level. They will generally have specific objectives and be geared towards implementation by operational level employees.

Operational information
The lowest level is operational and operational planning takes place based on the tactical plans.

The lowest level of management or workers in an organisation implements operational plans. These may be section leaders or foremen in a large organisation or workers such as shop assistants, waiting staff, and kitchen staff, etc., in smaller businesses where there is no supervisory layer.

The timescale is usually very short, anything from immediately, daily or at most a week or month.

Results of operational work will usually be passed upwards to let the tactical planners evaluate their plans.


Historic information
This is information gathered and stored over a period of time. It allows decision makers to draw comparisons between previous and present activities. Historic information can be used to identify trends over a period...

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