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The world is characterized by the presence of a wide range of music genres. Music plays various and different roles in the lives of individuals. In the book “High Fidelity”, Nick Hornby, the author, examines how music can be used to examine the various aspects of everyday life. In the book “High Fidelity”, Rob, the main character sets out to associate various events in his life with his forever-changing tastes in music. The main character in “High Fidelity” uses music to put things into perspective and re-examine some important aspects of his life. On the other hand, Alan Ruisbridger is of the view that music can change people’s lives for the better. In his book “Play it Again”, Ruisbridger tells the story of how the main character learnt to play the piano and ended up becoming a better person in the course of his lessons. Both Hornby and Ruisbridger are giving testaments of how music can play an important role in an individual’s life. In addition, both authors focus on the positive influences that music can have on people’s lives. Music has a hidden element and it is not easy to understand. Furthermore, it is true that music has the power to impact positive changes on an individual’s life. This essay explores the different ways in which music can improve our lives and change them for the better.
Ruisbrigder is of the opinion that music can help us to learn ‘new tricks’ even at an advanced age. Using music as a learning tool is not a new concept because this strategy has previously been applied to several aspects of life. People’s entire lives are dominated by the concept of using music to learn. For instance, children are introduced to formal learning through the alphabet song. As children grow older, they start using music as a point of reference. Ruisbrigder uses music as a point of reference for the period when he was learning to play the piano as a young student. The author reckons that he is able to play the piano although he had taken a long break from this exercise. Furthermore, the author refers to various artists who act as his main inspiration when he is learning how to master various chord changes. People use music to catalogue the important aspects of their lives and they can also use these musical preferences to unlock their hidden potentials. People have found it hard to go about life without experiencing music because it is with them as toddlers and it continues to influence them until they are old. Using music as a tool of betterment is common especially among mature audiences. For instance, some popular musicians have been associated with certain moral concepts. Nevertheless, some people have argued that music does not make us better but it just highlights our best qualities. Therefore, Ruisbridger’s argument about music turning us into better people is potentially flawed. On the other hand, Ruisbridger’s argument can be interpreted to coincide with Hornby’s claims. For instance, the main character in “Play it Again” can be said to use music for inspirational purposes but his association with music does not fundamentally change him. The concept of music that can turn us into better people is subject to strong criticism. However, the concept of music that improves our lives is easy to sell to audiences and readers across the board.
Music is better understood as a tool of self-discovery as outlined by Hornby in “High Fidelity”. For instance, music can be used to improve people’s overall performance in various aspects of life including careers, relationships, and citizenship. Rob uses music to retrace his steps and go back to his failed relationships where he reconnects with his former girlfriend. Similarly, music can be used to outline the faults in people’s lives with self-discovery being the main idea. This concept is particularly true for people who have short attention spans. The people in this category often find ‘noisy music’ to be an essential part of their routines because it helps them to concentrate. Music has also been used to unravel the creativity of some individuals. It is possible for an individual’s creativity to be unearthed by a certain song or a particular genre of music. Additionally, music has been used to help us master critical but simple tasks such as administering emergency CPR. Recent and interesting research has indicated that when the chest compressions that are associated with CPR are performed effectively they align perfectly with the rhythm of the song “Stayin Alive” by the Bee Gees. Although this discovery might have been a coincidence, its application is a testament of the role that music plays in our lives.
Another universally acceptable use for music is in lifting the moods of its listeners. Therefore, various people will naturally turn to music when their moods are down. For instance, in Hornby’s “High Fidelity”, the main character seeks remedy in music when he breaks up with his girlfriend. This approach is common with various people and it has been known to work on several occasions. Scientific research indicates that there are certain tones of music that can be used to lower the levels of stress albeit clinically. In addition, music has the ability to alter ‘brainwave patterns’ and consequently change the mood of an individual from depressed to happy. When it comes to uplifting moods, music is put in the same category as yoga and meditation. The richest aspect of music is its ability to help the mind to achieve a state of leisure. In a state of leisure, the mind’s ability to solve problems is elevated.

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