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Total sales by month by Make
Sum of Price | Column Labels | | | |
Row Labels | Jan | Feb | Mar | Grand Total |
BMW | 43800 | 34499 | 142340 | 220639 |
Ford | 92361 | 12680 | 25220 | 130261 |
GMH | 12400 | 18900 | 22800 | 54100 |
Hyundai | 34500 | | | 34500 |
KIA | 12800 | 10500 | 19700 | 43000 |
Mitsubishi | 3500 | 8600 | 30700 | 42800 |
Nissan | | 27600 | 100020 | 127620 |
Peugot | 12400 | 19900 | 8532 | 40832 |
Renault | 21090 | 30599 | 5600 | 57289 |
Toyota | 41855 | 22100 | 43489 | 107444 |
Volkswagen | 45700 | 17900 | 70122 | 133722 |
Grand Total | 320406 | 203278 | 468523 | 992207 |

Difference in total sales from previous month by Make
Sum of Price | Column Labels | | | |
Row Labels | Jan | Feb | Mar | Grand Total |
BMW | | -9301 | 107841 | |
Ford | | -79681 | 12540 | |
GMH | | 6500 | 3900 | |
Hyundai | | -34500 | 0 | |
KIA | | -2300 | 9200 | |
Mitsubishi | | 5100 | 22100 | |
Nissan | | 27600 | 72420 | |
Peugot | | 7500 | -11368 | |
Renault | | 9509 | -24999 | |
Toyota | | -19755 | 21389 | |
Volkswagen | | -27800 | 52222 | |
Grand Total | | -117128 | 265245 | |

Chart of total sales for each region each month, showing amount of sales by each salesperson

Total sales and total commission earned (at 5%) for each salesperson, by month
Row Labels | Sum of Price | Sum of commission |
Jan | 320406 | 16,020 |
Hector Smith | 109355 | 5,468 |
Justin Callaghan | 44020 | 2,201 |
Mary O'Dwyer | 167031 | 8,352 |
Feb | 203278 | 10,164 |
Hector Smith | 61358 | 3,068 |
Justin Callaghan | 21080 | 1,054 |
Mary O'Dwyer | 120840 | 6,042…...

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