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Topic: Problems of Private Universities of Bangladesh: The case study of Eastern University

Submitted To: Dr. Syed Golam Maola Professor, Department of Management Studies Faculty of Business Administration University of Dhaka

Submitted By: Md. Miraj Hossen MBA 7th Batch Stream: HRM Serial No: 52 Roll No: 395 Dept. of Management Studies University of Dhaka

Date of Submission: 24th November 24, 2007

Objective of the Report:
Following were the objectives of the study---
Broad Objective:
The primary objective of the study is to meet the partial requirements to fulfill the MBA degree from Dhaka University under Management Studies Department and to enhance the practical knowledge about the specific area of the education in private universities of Bangladesh.

Specific Objectives:
To attain the broad objective following specific objectives were pursued: * To attain the knowledge about higher education in Private Universities of Bangladesh * To have better idea about the quality of education in Private Universities of Bangladesh. * To find out the major problems relating to the management of Private Universities of BD. * To acquire in depth knowledge about the general marketing strategy and promotional activities of Private Universities of Bangladesh. * To identify the Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and acceptability of this sector to the society. * To observe and analyze the performance of some institutions and make a comparisons between Private and Public Universities Education Systems in the Country.

Using Data:
In order to make the report more meaningful and presentable, two sources of data and information will been used widely. The sources of data are---

a) The Primary Sources: * Collecting information through Questionnaire based Survey from Faculties from some Universities and the respective officials and Staffs, * Collecting information from the students through Questionnaire and also face to face conversation, * Informal conversation as well as a direct interview with all other relating authorities to the Private Universities.

b) The Secondary Sources: * Reports and publication of University Grant Commission (UGC) * Various Publications of BANBEIS, Education Ministry, and others. * Different columns of Newspapers, Magazines and Journals regarding the issues. * The internet was also used as a theoretical source of information.

In conducting the study I shall follow an exploratory approach. In collecting and analyzing data I will follow a deductive approach. I will present my findings in both theoretical and graphical by making a comparison with the problems and prospects of public and private universities education system in Bangladesh. Analyzing the total issues, I will use some statistical tools like as Correlation, Regressions, Central Tendency and some other methods.

Targeted Findings:
My target is to be find out the ---- * Prevailing Problems and prospects of the respective field. * Growth of private universities in Bangladesh. * Future of the higher education through these institutions. * Identify the weakness of this sector and also give suggestions for improving its services and how to develop their promotional activities. * Recommends for the overall development of the sector and how to ensure the Quality of Education. * Prevailing Unfair practices of this sector


The report will be covered the following issues and pages:
i. Certification from Supervisors ii. Executive Summary iii. Letter of Acknowledgement iv. Letter of Transmittal
v. Table of Contents vi. Part contents: Serial no | Parts/ Chapters | Particulars/ Discussing Issues | 1 | Part 01 | Introductory Issues/ Preliminary Speech | 2 | Part 02 | Background of the Sector | 3 | Part 03 | Body of the Report | 4 | Part 04 | Problems and Prospects of Private Universities in Bangladesh | 5 | Part 05 | Comparison of Some universities in Bangladesh | 6 | Part 06 | Findings and Suggestions |

The details of the Parts of the Report are as bellow:
PART - 01 (Preliminary) 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Objective 1.3 Scope 1.4 Methodology 1.5 Limitations of the report 1.6 Reasons for Selecting this Service

PART - 02 (Background of the Sector) * Overview of the higher education sector in Bangladesh * University Grant Commission in Bangladesh (UGC) * Structure and Management of Private Universities in Bangladesh

PART - 03 (Body of the Report) 3.1 Private Universities education in Bangladesh 3.2 Private Universities in Bangladesh at a glance 3.3 Growth of Private universities in Bangladesh 3.4 Categories of Private universities in Bangladesh 3.5 Main Services of private Universities in Bangladesh 3.6 Black listed Universities and Institution by UGC in Bangladesh 3.7 Reasons for Students’ getting Admission in Private Universities 3.8 Roles of Private Universities to develop education in Bangladesh 3.9 Some Real pictures: certificate business of some Private Universities 3.10 Cost-Benefits analysis of this sector (Students’ feedback on the issue)

PART - 04 (Problems and Prospects of Private Universities in Bangladesh) 4.1 Major Problems of the Education in Private Universities in Bangladesh 4.2 Prospects of Private Universities in Bangladesh 4.3 Fraudulent of some Private Universities in Bangladesh 4.4 A case study on ‘Eastern University’ as a private University 4.5 Analysis of some reports on Dailies, Magazines on private University problems

PART - 05 (Comparison of Some universities in Bangladesh) 5.1 Quality of education in Public Universities vs. Private Universities 5.2 Some top level Private Universities vs. Some lower level Private Universities 5.3 Acceptability of the Private Universities education to the Society and Job providers 5.4 Job Satisfaction level of Faculties of Public and Private universities in Bangladesh 5.5 Satisfaction level of Staffs and others of Public and Private Universities in Bangladesh

PART - 06 (Findings and Suggestions) 6.1 Overall Findings and Learning from the Report 6.2 Some Recommendations and Suggestions to Develop the Sector 6.3 Conclusion i. Bibliography / Sources of Information ii. Appendix (should be included with the Report)

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