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Uwa Plc and Zombie Analysis (Advance Treasury and Risk Management; Derivatives Hediging; Option; Currency Swap)

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Question (1) (a)Organization is a group of people who are united to go to a certain kind of goals in a manner of planning, organizing, monitoring, controlling, cooperating and discussing with each others. Although there are many resources (land, labor, capital, entrepreneurship) that need to put into the business to achieve the organizational goals, the human resources play the most important role to reach that organizational goal since they are the one who will manufacture the products using land and capital and they will be the one who will serve the customers to be satisfied. So goals alignment between the human capital and organization is needed and this is the hardest and most conflict thing because human is the most intelligent people and they can find every single ways that can reduce using effort without noticing by senior supervisors or without breaking rules governed by the organization. For example, the man can produce 100 pieces with his actual effort but the daily average target for all the workers is 80 and there is no difference between manufacturing 100 and 80, he will definitely make only 80.This is called systematic soldiering (Taylor,1998).To solve the problems,driving forces are needed to find to boost the motivations to exert their full efficiency.According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, people are driven according to their needs physiological need, safety need, love (belongings) need, esteem need, and self-actualization needs) to be motivated and to get job satisfaction (Maslow, 1943).Even though the needs of the people are different to each other, the basic remuneration always play a major incentive to generate performance (Smith, 1776;Marx, 1867). So companies create an attractive pay bonus scheme based on the performance (accounting numbers) like based on the certain amount of sales, (sometimes called payment by results) to enhance...

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