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Vak Learning Survey

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Analyzing Learning Methods

Pedro Gamboa

Grand Canyon University

NRS – 429V Family Centered Health Promotion

October 6, 2013


Any academic endeavor can be difficult and frustrating when one has not developed or is unaware of their particular learning strategies. Scholastic achievement is pursued by many, but not all succeed perhaps for that reason alone. Many colleges and universities offer classes and provide online tools to incoming students, providing them with the resources to ascertain that knowledge. Their success will be determined by the individual’s capability to acquire and process the intellectual content. Tools such as the VAK assessment provide avenues to individuals by heightening their awareness as to how they may best process information.

Previous experience has proven that reading the content has been crucial to the comprehension of the material. Afterwards, the utilization of precise, brief, written material with an occasional visual aid is used to reinforce the content without having to spend a significant amount of time rereading the material. Muhaidib (2011), describes how “this dominant style defines the best way for a person to learn new information by filtering what is to be learned”, (p.441). Many students face time constraints because of multiple assignments being due for submission for multiple courses taken simultaneously. The ability to retain a significant amount of content covered lends to the individual focusing on other aspects of his studies.

The guide from the VAK survey results reinforced that Read/Write and Visual were the preferred methods for strategic learning. Read/Write study strategies focus on concise information that consists...

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