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Valedictory Address

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1 Valedictory Address

Time strides with leaps and bounds that our six-year stay in this school has finally come to an end. For us graduates parting from our Alma Mater is a nostalgic climax we can never forget. It is here in this school that we are molded. It is here where we met our friends as well as our enemies, shared with joys and laughters, experienced love and sorrows, success and failures and many other changes that occur in our lives.

Graduation doesn't mean triumph, it implies responsibility and burden to us so we should think of a way to surmount lifes innumerable struggle to build a better tomorrow.

We should think that graduation does not hold a complete bright promise. It grims along a few grim prospects, fear of the uncertain future. It is not the end of struggle but a prelude to an even tougher competition that is the battle to survive in the real world.

It is then imperative that we arm ourselves for this battle while still we can. We should strive hard to make good with our studies. We should aim high for there is no plave in this world for under achievers. This is for us graduates for we still have the choice. There is no turning back for us. We have to face the world that awaits us and see for ourselves what it holds in store.

Graduation day is therefore a mixture of happiness and sadness It is the most awaited moment for all of us. After all the hardships and struggles we had experienced, the six years of endeavors is almost over without being noticed. Tackling all the problems in the school with painstaking experiments, researches and assignments we had encountered are now about to be through.

We will then express our heartfelt gratitude to our teachers who have imparted their knowledge to us. We will leave this school equipped with skills and moral values. To the teachers, who molded and trained us with patience and sacrifices - thank you so much.

To our parents, their guidance and encouragement make us what we are today. What we have achieved now, is just an inception of our success or failure in any undertakings is determined by the amount of preparation one put into it.

To bid goodbye to this place I hold so dear - Yes, but to my treasured memories of my beloved school, NEVER.

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