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Valid Databases for Doctoral Reseach

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Comparatively to other popular academic resource databases, Google Scholar, most definitely, is a valid resource for doctoral search and is the very popular with Generation X (early 1960s to the early 1980s); Generation Y or Millennial Generation (circa early 1980s to early 2000s); and even more so with the Google Generation (The internet Age, born after1993). Let’s observe some other popular databases. ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) is known as the major database source mainly for education material from pre-school through higher education. Information includes books, research reports, selected dissertations, instructional materials, and other such literature. ProQuest consists of multiple databases with full text journals, magazines, newspapers, current events numerous contemporary topics and issues. PsycInfo is a more specialized database to international literature in psychology and other related subject matter and disciplines, such as medicine, psychiatry, psychology, education, business and law. Google Scholar is a valid data base reference source which offers information across all subject areas or disciplines. Google Scholar enables you to perform research for scholarly information in a vast amount of ways. A scholarly and broad area of research literature is found in the form of thesis, dissertations, books, pre-prints, peer-reviewed papers, technical papers, and in many other ways. Information is found from professional societies, renown and credible publishers, repositories, and other reliable and authentic sources (

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