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Value Alignment - Apple Inc.

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Since its inception in 1984 the Apple Inc. has grown to become one of the biggest well-known companies in the world. This ascension came about from smart management, innovative ideas and marketing as well as research and development. In this discussion, Team D will analyze the origins, motivations and developments of personal values that affect every day practices, and identify the origins and developments of values within the workplace. This discussion will also identify if the values of Apple Inc. are in alignment with the plans and actions including an explaining the differences between company and personal values. Analyzing values and the way they align themselves with plans and actions provides a firm foundation to discuss how Apple Inc can continue to innovate and be a market leader for years to come.
Concerning personal and workplace values, ethics play an important role in any organization that is imperative to success. To attain a successful alignment between corporate and individual values, there needs to be a symbiotic relationship between the company and the people it employs. This benefit contains an important value to both the organization and the employee.
Apple Inc. accepts change and addresses it in the mission and vision statement as well as the values of the company. The values provide direction for the employees, management, partners, and customers of Apple Inc. Although Apple is successful in the hi-tech market, it is also known for its inability to diversify its workforce. In all fairness, the tech industry faces a diversity challenge in some respects beyond its control. Historically, Computer science, computer engineering, etc., aren’t the type of majors that many Black and Latino children, or girls for that matter, choose to study. In order for Apple Inc. to be successful, it must be able to understand and embraces diversity, within...

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