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Values and Beliefs

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Values and Beliefs
I can remember as a child growing up, my values have been influenced by my family, my parents were strict and their values were to keep my brother and me warm, safe and secure. The home we shared was always warm and spotlessly clean and meals readily available. To me as a child I was living in the perfect family bubble and believed all families lived the way we did, living safe and secure. I value those memories and my family more than anything. I value the set of values my parents installed in me, always be true to yourself and other and be respectful of others, learn to forgive rather than bare a grudge.
When we moved to Fife, when I was young, my values on life had changed, during my school years I had been bullied because of the way I spoke, the clothes I wore and the way in which I behaved. I knew this behaviour was wrong but couldn’t understand why they were bullying me, my big secure bubble had burst and It wasn’t my fault, although I did realise that my parents had not taught me to stand up for myself, confrontation had not been high on their values and it was rarely spoken of in the home, basically I am a big sap and brash people still scare me. Although I now understand that not one person is the same and that each of us have a different set of values and beliefs which change from family to family, unfortunately you can never change their values but you can always try to change your own values, especially if you feel you are heading in the wrong direction.
As I have matured and now having had my own family, to this day I realise that my parent’s values are in me together with set beliefs, ideas and morals, honesty and respect towards others. Attending college and completing NC/Social Care has also changed my perception on some values, this is possibly due to that fact that I have had to think more about attitudes and opinions and...

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