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Vampires and Zombies: a Reality

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Vampires and zombies, two supernatural entities that have captured man’s imagination since the legends of these creatures were born. Everyone knows what a vampire is and what a zombie is (at least what they have heard of seen) but are they real? Surprisingly they are to some but no in the sense you would think. If you were to ask someone what a vampire is, you would probably get the standard answer, “Pointed fangs, thirst for blood, undead” etc. According to, These legends most likely originated in ancient Mesopotamia, with the Assyrian legend of the Lamatsu. The Lamastu was a demon goddess who would creep into a house at night and kill or kidnap babies and would also suck blood from young men, hence the vampire legend. There are many legends which contain an ancestor to the vampire legend. In Greek mythology, Lamia, a once mortal half woman half snake, would suck blood from infants. These are all examples of “early vampires”, the modern vampire was more directly influenced by the folklore of eastern Europe. One name for an eastern European vampire is Strigoi. These type creatures were also called Vampir, or Vampyr, hence the English word vampire. In the 17th and 18th centuries a wave of vampire hysteria rolled across Europe. During this time people reported seeing dead relatives walking around and attacking the living (howstuffworks). The best block in the evolution of the modern vampire is of course, Dracula, Bram Stoker’s character. His character can’t stand the sunlight, hates crucifixes and is very intelligent. Sound familiar? These characteristics accompany the vampires of today, vampires in novels and movies. Today there are vampires, no vampires in a way you would expect. Vampirism today is more of a culture. Sufferers of vampirism believe they are vampires. There are two types of vampires, sanguine and...

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