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Problems – Chapter 16 1. Your consulting firm was recently hired to improve the performance of Shin-Soenen Inc, which is highly profitable but has been experiencing cash shortages due to its high growth rate. As one part of your analysis, you want to determine the firm’s cash conversion cycle. Using the following information and a 365-day year, what is the firm’s present cash conversion cycle?
Average inventory = $75,000
Annual sales = $600,000
Annual cost of goods sold = $360,000
Average accounts receivable = $160,000
Average accounts payable = $25,000

Cash Conversion Cycle:

Inventory conversion period (ICP) = Average inventory / Cost of goods sold per day = 75,000 / (360,000/365) = 76.04 days
Receivable conversion period (RCP) = Average accounts receivables / Sales per day = 160,000 / (600,000/365) = 97.33 days
Payables deferral period (PDP) = Payables / Cost of goods sold per day = 25,000 / (360,000/365) = 25.35 days
Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC) = ICP + RCP – PDP = 76.04 + 97.33 – 25.35 days = 148.02 days

2. Van Den Borsh Corp. has annual sales of $50,735,000, an average inventory level of $15,012,000, and average accounts receivable of $10,008,000. The firm's cost of goods sold is 85% of sales. The company makes all purchases on credit and has always paid on the 30th day. However, it now plans to take full advantage of trade credit and to pay its suppliers on the 40th day. The CFO also…...

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...The Souls of Vans Marketing with Skateboard Marketing Strategy Report Module Code: MKT 306 December 2015 Contents 1.0 Executive Summary 1 2.0 Introduction 2 3.0 Environment Analysis 3 3.1 PESTLE Analysis 3 3.2 SWOT Analysis 6 4.0 Analysis of the Organisations Competitive Advantage 8 5.0 Evaluation of Current Marketing Strategy 9 6.0 Segmentation Targeting & Positioning Analysis 9 7.0 Recommended Objectives and Goals 10 8.0 Recommend Marketing Strategies 11 9.0 Conclusion 12 Bibliography 13 Tables Figure 1 Vans Logo 3 Figure 2 Vans Category Model 4 Figure 3 Vans Shoes 7 Figure 4 Vans MTE 10 1.0 Executive Summary Vans is an original extreme sports tide brand, that was born in 1966 in the United States South California. At that time, the founder of the brand Vans—Paul Van Doren, with his three brothers: Jim Van Doren, Serge D'Elia and Gordy Lee due to unwilling their product was resold to retailers to reap huge profits, then they are in the California Abaheim to opened the first store to sell their shoes. In extreme sports started, including skateboarding, surfing, BMX and skiing etc., and as the skateboarding is the root, from the lifestyle, art, music and street fashion culture injected into the Vans aesthetics. This formation of a unique personality of youth culture symbol, and become a young extreme sports enthusiasts and the trend of people recognized worldwide brand. Vans is a company with the popular of......

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