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Vaporizers: could they be the best breakthrough in modern technology?
January 3, 2014
Paper 1 (new technology)

In this paper I hope to shed new light on what could possibly be a revolutionary breakthrough in science, as well as the smoking world. Vaporizers hit the market fairly recently and some view them as just another smoking device, harmful as ever, but others see them as a healthful alternative to smoking with minimal side effects. In this paper I will break down the common misconceptions about vaporizers and explain the benefits of this new technology. After careful research and analysis I will give an informative and educated argument on this technology. More extensive research is in process and I am providing what I know from completed and published works.

Say you have a habit, the side effects are less than optimal, and someone offered a way to continue this habit and rid of the harmful side effects. I’ve noticed that when I go out more and more people are smoking. But at a second glance, these people aren’t smoking in the traditional sense; they’re using a liquid tank attached to a battery-powered heating system. This is called vaporizing, or more commonly called “vaping”, and it is said that this is the future of healthy smoking. Sounds like an absurdity right? Research, however, proves otherwise. With no burning and no tar, there is no second hand danger, there are no cancer causing carcinogens and it still gives the user that familiarly satisfying illusion of smoking. Lastly, there is no more offensive odor to those around the user.
One of the biggest problems with smoking is that not only is the smoker shortening his or her own life, but putting the lives of those around them at risk as well. The reason for this is when someone is smoking in the traditional sense, they are burning the plant (and in some cases added chemicals) and…...

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