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Variation of Pain

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The International Association for the study of pain (1979) define pain as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage. This suggests that only the person can tell you what the pain is like and it cannot be confirmed or denied by reference to tissue damage or pathophysiology. Consequently, the perceptual experience of pain is not merely a sensational experience, but also an emotional experience. It is important to distinguish between acute and chronic pain. Acute pain is biologically useful; it serves as the body’s alarm of an underlying medical condition, whereas chronic pain loses this function.
The medical model beliefs that there is a major difference in acute and chronic pain. According to it, someone with an acute pain will be obvious tissue damage. The pain they experience will be directly to do with that. However, with the chronic pain, there is no obvious tissue damage. Consequently, they are psychological disorder.
From psychological point of view, the reason why there are enormous variation in how patients experience and manage their pain is that pain is a physiological experience and maybe the variety they need, perceptions are due to their personal extremely anxious. Reason why there are enormous differences most be a psychological reason, such as anxiety of the belief that the pain will take over their life and or maybe they are sick or got mental health problems. For example, a 77year old woman with chronic tissue damage in her lower back whose pain has recently spread to her legs and has resulted in her mobility being restricted is now being worried about how long she will be able to do so.
Also, Gate control theory why there are such varied in a person's perception of pain is physiological. Some people are able to control and close the gate easier than others. They possess the psychological mechanism. For instance, a human who fell down while heading for the hills to get a passenger vehicle. He started up and walked to the bus stop, sat down and then felt the pain in his knee was able to close the gate not to finger the pain at that particular time he cut down.
In contrary to the medical model theory that suggest that reasons why there is such variety, there should be because somebody with a chronic pain is not as bad as an acute pain with tissue damage. The reason why this is, is that the individual has some psychological problem. In contrary to this, the Gate control theory suggest that, the reason why there is such variety is that, it is not imputable to the tissue damage but due to the mechanism that help closing up the gate.

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