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Varieties of English

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Varieties of English

These refer to the different forms of English spoken by English speakers all over the world, in terms of pronunciation, grammatical features and distinct vocabularies. They vary from region to region and are also dependent on the social and educational standing.
All over the world, English is spoken in most languages, and even though the language is the same, it does not necessarily mean that everything about it is the same. What may look like a slightly difference, is actually a huge one. Pronunciation, grammar and vocabularies can make a language seem to change completely!

Standard varieties of English

These are the varieties of English that have become standard or most recognized and used in the majority of the world.
The main two are: English in England and American English.

English in England

Despite this being the origin of the English language, it does not mean the language is the same everywhere in England. The significant difference is in the pronunciation, as the accent and pronunciation of English in Britain is different from the one in Scotland, Wales and Ireland.
American English

When talking about American English, this is referring to mainly North America because in South America English is not the national language spoken. In North America, the accents of Canadians differ from Americans from the United States, Texas and so on. The largest difference is in American English and African American English, which is a sort of slang form of normal English, but has evolved to a category of its own.

Differences between British and American English

There is a significant difference in the way the English pronounce words and the way Americans do. When spoken, words tend to sound different, such as the word “route”. In American English, it is pronounced as “Rawt” whereas in Britain it is pronounced...

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