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What various law enforcement and intelligence agencies combat organized crime?

There are many law enforcement and intelligence agencies that combat organized crime. Local police stations combat organized crime and may even have a specialized unit who are specifically focuses on organized crime. There is also the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Multijurisdictional Task Forces, the DEA, Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force and many other.

How do legal limitations affect law enforcement efforts?

One very prohibiting law are law enforcement having to stay in their jurisdiction. If they are out of their jurisdiction trying to conduct investigations and find people they may be limited by what they can do unless those from that jurisdiction help them. The federal agencies usually have a larger jurisdiction and are less prohibited by this when doing investigations. Law enforcement efforts are also limited because of the steps and procedures they have to follow in order to conduct a search or anything else that could violate the rights of those involved. If a persons rights are violated they stand the risk of having a case thrown out or evidence inadmissible in court.

Which do you think would work better: more traditional police enforcement of organized crime or new approaches for regulating organized crime connections in society?

I think they both have their places on where they are useful. However, I think that more traditional police enforcement of organized crime works better. I think this because the chances are those local police officials are familiar to the area and the people. Having that familiarity with the area give them an upper hand on federal organizations and other outsiders.

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