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Varting Effects of Drugs

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Literature Review Paper
Mitchell Adair
Advanced General Psychology PSY492 A01
Argosy University

1 Each class of drugs has a property that is very distinguishing, and drugs that are within each class more than often produces effects that are similar. However, all substances that are controlled, despite of their class, share quite a few number of features that are common. This introduction will familiarize you with these features that are shared as well as define them in terms that are associated frequently with these drugs. All substances that are controlled have abuse that is potential or are precursors that are immediate when it comes to abuse that is potential. With the exception of anabolic steroids, substances that are controlled are abused when it comes to mood altering, feeling, and thought through their actions on the CNS or central nervous system, which is the brain and spinal cord. Some of these drugs are relievers of pain, depression as well as anxiety. Some are energizers and some are inducers of sleep. Even though some substances that are controlled are useful therapeutically, the effects that considered to be “feel good” of these drugs will more than likely prove to be primary contributors when it comes to their abuse. The extent to which these substances are reliably capable of pleasurable feelings that are intense, euphoria, increases the chances that the substance is being abused. When drugs are being used in an amount or way that is not consistent with a cultures social or medical patterns, is referred to as substance or drug abuse. In...

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