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I, Aldwin C. Aggabao , of the TUP-T-MECHANICAL & ALLIED DEPT. commit to deliver and agree to be rated on the attainment of the following targets in accordance with the indicated measures for the period January to June, 2015

Mr. Aldwin C. Aggabao Ratee Date: January 28,2015

Reviewed By | Date | Approved By | Date | Immediate Supervisor | | Head of Office | |

Major Final Output (MFO)/Programs/Projects/Activities (PAP) | SUCCESS INDICATORS(TARGETS + MEASURES) | ACTUALACCOMPLISHMENTS | RATING | REMARKS | Strategic Priority: Goal 1 | Q1 | E2 | T3 | A4 | | Output 1-Delivery Scheme | * Improve two (2) course syllabi. * Formulate one (1) compilation of lecture and activities. | | | | | | | Output 2- Linkages | * Coordinate with private and government agencies for the conduct of seminar and plant visit. | | | | | | | Output 3: Student Development | * Panel in Student Research Project Study in BSME * Plant visit of Mechanical and Tool Engineering Tech. | | | | | | | Strategic Priority: Goal 2 | | | | | | | | Output 1: Staff Development | * Attend at least 2 seminars and trainings | | | | | | | Strategic Priority: Goal 3 | | | | | | | | Output1: Facility Development | * Initiate the cleanliness (House Keeping) of laboratory and workshop. * Initiate the maintenance and safety procedures of all the machines. | | | | | | | Strategic Priority: Goal 4 | | | | | | | | Output 1: Extension Service Program | * Extend one research output to the community. | | | | | | | Strategic Priority: Goal 5 | | | | | | | | Output 1 - Research and Development Program | * Involve in one…...

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