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Unit 42 - Programming in .NET (June 2013)
Set By : Mr. Sanaka Suranga Perera

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Date Released: 02/04/2013 Branch Name :
Due Date: 31/05/2013 Submitted Date:

Here by I confirm that this is my own work and that I have not plagiarized any part of it. I have also noted the assessment criteria of the assignment.

Student Signature :

Outcomes/Grade Descriptors Achieved (Please Tick)

|Outcomes/ Grade |P42.1 |P42.2 |P42.3 |P42.4 |
|Descriptors | | | | |
| |1.1 |1.2 |
|P42.1.1discuss the principles, |Include features ,principals of .NET framework(Task 1-a) | |
|characteristics and features of | | |
|programming using a .NET framework | | |
|P42.1.2 critically compare different types|Differentiate the .NET versions (Task 1 -b) | |
|of .NET framework architectures | | |
|P42.1.3 critically evaluate the components|Produce a specification for other support technologies (Task | |
|that support the |1-a,b) | |
|.NET framework | | |

|P42.2.1 design a .NET programming solution|Use design strategies (Task 2-b) | |
|to a given problem |(Task 3-b) | |
|P42.2.2 explain the components and data | Algorithm for design of user interface. Use case diagrams, | |
|and file structures required to implement |class diagrams,etc and Include ERD and database design. | |
|a given design |(Task 2-a, Task 3-a) | |
|P42.2.3 evaluate potential delivery |Explain the IDE for the system (Task 1-c) | |
|environments and | | |
|interaction | | |

|P42.3.1 implement a .NET programming |Select an appropriate design technique for a given visual | |
|solution based on a prepared design |application (Task 3-a) | |
|P42.3.2 implement event handling using |Implement the system with related testing for each form and. | |
|control structures to meet the design |Modify object behaviors using control structures (Task 3- a) | |
|algorithms | | |
|P42.3.3 identify and implement |handling errors in implementing prepared design (Task 5-b) | |
|opportunities for error handling and | | |
|reporting | | |
|P42.3.4 make effective use of an |Use IDE for the implementation (Task 4-a) | |
|Integrated Development | | |
|Environment (IDE) including code and | | |
|screen templates | | |

|P42.4.1critically review and test a .NET |test results with Suitable screenshots for the entire system | |
|programming |(Task 5 - a) | |
|solution | | |
|P42.4.2 analyse actual test results |Produce a Test plan. Suitable screenshots for the entire | |
|against expected results to identify |system testing and include error handling screenshots ( Task 5-| |
|discrepancies |a, b) | |
|P42.4.3 evaluate independent feedback on a|Produce suitable screenshots for error handling (Task 5-b) and | |
|developed .NET program solution and make |Produce the installation notes with user requirements (Task | |
|recommendations for |6-a) | |
|improvements | | |
|P42.4.4 create user documentation for the |Provide user guide (Task 5-a) | |
|developed .NET program solution | | |
|P42.4.5 Create technical documentation for|Provide system documentation and installation guide (Task 6-a) | |
|the support and maintenance of a .NET | | |
|program solution. | | |
|Grade Descriptors for MERIT |Possible evidence |× /√ |
| | |PageNo |
|M1 produce efficient requirement |Identify ideal requirements and an effective approach to study | |
|specification according to given criteria |the problem. | |
|M2 develop a solution which is |According to requirements in specification develop the windows | |
|performed basic function |application. | |
|M3 Establish database connection with |Design the dataset structure, create data connection , data | |
| |adapter, data set and connect application with database | |

|Grade Descriptors for DISTINCTION |Possible evidence |× /√ |
| | |PageNo |
|D1 use the critical reflection to evaluate|The ends of several combined ideas are rationalized and roper | |
|own work and justify valid conclusion |reasoning takes. | |
|D2 Take responsibility for managing and |Activities managed throughout place and independence recognized.| |
|organizing activities | | |
|D3 Demonstrate convergent / lateral / |Ideas reinforced to actions through reactivity and effective | |
|creative thinking |thinking. | |

Pharmacy Management System

The Pharmacy Management System is a complete dispensing workflow management system that is designed to improve accuracy, enhance safety and efficiency. But the “Care Always” pharmacy still uses the manual system and this manual system requires the pharmacist to manually monitor each drug that is available in the pharmacy.

This involves manual entry upon arrival of new batches of drugs and dispensing of drugs to patients etc. Upon a certain period (Ex: every month) the pharmacist is required to generate reports manually, on the movement of drugs. This is to monitor and refill the already diminishing stocks. However, this can usually lead to so many errors and the workload of pharmacist will increase. As a result, sometimes, patient care, in terms of counseling, is compromised due to time constraints.

Therefore, the most urgent concern of “Care Always” pharmacy is to develop a automated Pharmacy Management System which help them to improve inventory management, cost savings, medication safety that can be managed efficiently in one package.

Main two requirements of the system:

1. The system must include managing of Stock (Inventory), Purchase of drugs and Sales of drugs.

2. Reports for the above three processing steps, Such as;

• Stock Management = Stock, location or expiry reports etc.

• Purchase of Drugs = Purchase summary or Invoice reports etc.

• Sales of Drugs = Price changed items or cash sales reports etc.

(You may add any additional requirement for the database and user interfaces)


To implement the software system outlined above.

• Provide an effective and an efficient performance. • The user view of the system will be a number of interactive windows forms implemented in visual basic. • It is critical that data validation and error trapping is comprehensive. • Ensure that the input is acceptable to and understood by the staff.

Assume you are an individual to develop this system, which leads you to perform as a project manager, system analyst, programmer, etc…

Task 1

a) Briefly explain the what is .NET framework and features of .NET framework (P42.1.1/ P42.1.3) b) Differentiate the .net versions and identify the characteristics in each version.(P42.1.2/ P42.1.3) c) Explain about Visual Studio main IDE components (P42.2.3)

Task 2

a) Design a database to include necessary tables. (P42.2.2)

b) Set up the database structure by using suitable RDBMS. (MS Access, MySQL or MsSQL server) (P42.2.1) c) Populate the database with suitable test data.

Task 3 a) The designs of all the required algorithms are required as part of this task. You can use suitable design techniques (Class diagrams, Activity diagrams, Use case diagrams etc.) (P42.2.2/ P42.3.1/ P42.3.2)

b) Design necessary user interfaces. (P42.2.1)

Task 4

a) Using VB programming language implement the “CareAlways” Pharmacy System designed in Task 03. (P42.3.4)

Task 5

a) Carry out complete system testing and provide user guide. System testing and user guide must include suitable screen shots. Test your complete project with suitable data. (P42.4.1/ P42.4.2/ P42.4.4) b) Produce suitable screenshots and solutions for error handling during testing. (P42.3.3/ P42.4.2/ P42.4.3)

Task 6

a) Produce a publishable working copy a compiled version of the completed assignment together with software installation notes. The installation note should include the system requirements. (P42.4.3/ P42.4.5)

The student must submit the hard copy of the completed assignment along with an attached softcopy.

NOTE: all media should be free of viruses. Any media that contains viruses will be subjected to a fail grade.

-End of Assignment-

For Office Use Only

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