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Business Context
Glyndŵr University

Table of Contents Introduction: 1 British Airways: 1 Organisational background: 1 The industry: 2 PASTLE Analysis 3 Carroll’s four part model: 5 Demand and Supply: 7 Supply and demand in British Airways: 8 Price elasticity: 8 Conclusion: 9 References: 10

In order to reach the maximum sustainable level of income and profitability in business, often analytical tools are used in the business methods. These analytical tools help to improve the effectiveness of the target program that is active and can help to show which areas of the business will be subject to refinement or applying again to the profit and loss account to maximize (Thrall et al 1954). According to Rizzello (1999), By addressing the business quantitative methods, management and recalculate a better understanding of the forces at work in their departments and in the business environment as a whole, in general the establishment of a higher level of control over all aspects of business.

Many senior level executives concerned about increased investment in staff and systems to provide a comprehensive assessment to make. Ideally, the existing theories of the organizational and administrative arrangements are there to use environment as reliable guides for environmental activities. And therefore, a number of tests to assess the amount of the existing theory used by practitioners of the strategic environmental assessment and decision-making ability of their organizations to improve (Peter Dicken 2011).
In this study, the researcher will analysis theories of business environment such as PASTLE analysis and Carroll’s model. The application of such theories will be implemented on a selected organisation based in United Kingdom.
British Airways:
The researcher has selected British Airways in order to study the related model and...

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