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Naveed R. KHAN
Marinah AWANG
Arsalan Mujahid GHOURI
Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
Tanjong Malim, Perak, Malaysia
The study highlighted the significance of e-recruitment in the firms. In current epoch technology integrated the information in a sophisticated manner and has influenced on every setting of daily affaires. Hence job seekers are also get benefited with the internet era and start searching the jobs on internet.
This study examined the relationship between the recruitment sources, job seekers’ perception and intention to pursue the job. Data was collected from
257 respondents and analysed in relation with the research objectives. The findings of the study showed that internet is the most preferred source to search the job among other recruitment sources. Furthermore, it is also suggested that the effectiveness of e-recruitment depends upon the placement of advertisement and salary is the most influential motivator to find interest in the job applied. Lastly, statistics of the study found that the recruitment sources and applicant’s perceptions of job significantly influence the intention to pursue the position applied by the job seeker.
Keywords: Human resource management; e-recruitment; online job searching; online job portals; salary.

1. Introduction
revolution and globalization changed the life of people living in the current epoch. Internet facility has now become the necessity of life and considered as important as other needs for survival. Moreover for competition intention and business performance technological adaptations become inevitable. Internet web grab all information around the world and bring it on to the figure click. As elsewhere
Pakistan too is benefited with the...

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