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MacabreCon 2013 – Friday, December 6th, 2013 & Saturday, December 7th, 2013
12pm – 2am (licensed/all-ages)
99 Sudbury
99 Sudbury Street
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M6J 3S7 Please fill in the following fields below:

Organization (or) Business Name: _____________________________________________

Owner (or) Representative Name : _____________________________________________

Telephone (land-line): ______________________________________________________

Telephone (mobile): ________________________________________________________

Home Address: ____________________________________________________________

E-mail: __________________________________________________________________

Web (URL): ________________________________________________________

How many tables do you require (3 maximum) _____

Do you require electricity (single outlet) _____

Standard deposit enclosed ($100) _____

Brief description of merchandise, services, promotion will you be presenting at your table(s):

List the most recent conventions in North America your company has attended as a vendor:

Pertinent MacabreCon Vendor Info:

• MacabreCon Horror Section vendor tables are priced competitively at $250.00 (all-in), unless otherwise stipulated through pre-determined consultation, cross-promotion or a sponsorship arrangement with Daniloff Productions. Table dimensions: (8ft x 3ft, perimeter curtained with immediate background wall support for product display) • Grounded electricity is provided at an additional charge of $125.00, a flat rate for on-site only operation, and is subject to 1 outlet with added permission to use a personal power bar to expand your single source outlet capabilities • Vendor company logo to be submitted via email to: at least 8 weeks prior to show time (or before) to ensure inclusion on various MacabreCon 2013 promotional poster and flyer materials • Deposits for MacabreCon 2013 vendor tables to be made within 5 days of preliminary commitment and to be received via e-money bank transfer to: (or) via PayPal payment request to the email address indicated by you above • A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to secure your space at MacabreCon 2013 • Complete cancellation of your vendor table(s) must be facilitated no less than 30 days prior to show time in writing to: Your refund will have the non-refundable $100 deposit deducted • Load-in date and time is Friday, December 6th, 2013 starting at 7am. Doors open at 12pm • Questions or concerns for vendors please email:


• Vendors must keep their spaces and tables orderly and well-groomed for consumers, guests, media, industry, event staff, venue staff and affiliates on behalf of MacabreCon 2013 and 99Sudbury

• Any vendor damage caused to the space rented including damage to tables, or infractions against other vendors become liable for payment toward total estimated cost of damage incurred

• Vendors can only display their merchandise in their rental spaces and at no other place located within MacabreCon 2013

• Vendors are to be set up and ready for business at the opening of the doors and displays removed following convention close

• All vendors are responsible for any taxes and/or product licenses required by the Province of Ontario

• MacabreCon is not responsible for any lost, or stolen merchandise during the convention. It is the responsibility of the vendor to protect their personal merchandise from any theft or damages

• The vendor understands no refund will be issued if the vendor cancels or is unable to attend MacabreCon 2013 prior to show time

If you (MacabreCon 2013 Preferred Vendor) are in agreement with the outline, structure and conditions above kindly indicate with your signature and the date in the area below. Kindly return all 3 pages of the agreement scanned and return via email, along with your deposit within 5 days of your commitment response. A receipt for your deposit will be issued via within one week of your deposit paid.

We look forward to your presence and success at MacabreCon 2013, and in years to come!

Very best regards,

David Daniloff
MacabreCon Founder
(647) 209-9610

Maggie Morgue
MacabreCon Vendor Curator
(519) 614-4684

Signature of vendor applicant:


Date of application completion:


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