Venture Concepts Paper

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Venture Budgeting and Fore3casting Paper
Madeline l Anderson
July 16, 2012
Dr. Betty Ahmed

Venture Concepts Paper

“Dream Big” is a LLC which is a creative and dynamic independent reality show production company based in Houston, Texas with a unique blend of creative talent, experienced project management, and technical proficiency. Because our abilities are not limited by our walls, we are able to offer a spectrum of production services ranging from simple to remarkably complex.
DBP is composed of five internal divisions: DBP Business, DBP Music, DBP Youth, DBP Political and DBP Global. The company will compete and earn revenue immediately through the creation of several lucrative profit centers, beginning with production of the “I did it in Texas” reality television show. It is a reality TV series focusing on small business owner’s living. The series starts with Texas based small business owners with the opportunity to expand in other states as the series continue to grow. This will provide a common platform from which some of the world's greatest small business owners can communicate their ideas, curiosity, and observations. Additional income will be produced from distribution, video, merchandising and promotion. DBP will develop strong affiliations in the TV network industry to achieve and ensure its success.

1 Start-up Summary

Privately-held Subchapter S Corporation owned in majority by its founders allows the use of cash methods of accounting. Dream Big Productions has received a Grant from the Houston Film & Art Festival and the Founders have all invested $2,000.00 each totaling $12,000.00 as Start-up asset funds..

Production Video Equipments: Equipment costs associated with production development are the following: 3 cameras + 3 tripods w/ dolly’s; 3 microphones; video/audio switcher , graphics generator; lights and mounts;…...