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* Versailles * Second gate * Guards stand by to secure firearms, and that people are properly dressed * Swords and hats can be rented at entrance * Caterers * Laid table for royal family * Windows- from secon room * Can see hall of mirrors * Room called the Buzai? * Take shape from circular window * Tastes youth be ever present without him * Bed Chamber * Royal bed protected by guilded building * Personification of france watches over sleeping king * The royal bed is the symbol of power * Center of bed room * All who pass have to bow before it * Ritual * Ceremony of awakening * Ceremony of Grand Awakening * Constants stream of coming and goings * 100 people buzzingle in and out * ambassadors, parliamentary officials, bishops * to be seen and gossip * Louis the XIV chooses self portrait to hand on too of door * Painting of St .John, St. Mathew, St. Marc * Royal office * Louis XV transformed this room * Symbol of septor and hand of justice * 1682-1789 Versaille is seat of absolute monarchy * King rules alone * Demands consistency and obedience * Summons counselors and documents * Architects also summoned here * Originally hunting lodge * Refurbished * Nature subdued * Construction lasts more than 15 years * More than 15000 men will be employed * House of Cards has female companion * Stables to left * Gardens advance at a pace * When Louis is XIV is 30 he wants to move his council to versaille * Original castle is surriouned by new building * Two lateral wings linked by a huge terrace * French climate makes terrace impractical * Hall of Mirrors takes it Place * Architesture is Baroque * Versailles expanded by five fold * Adds two hundred wings * Brilliance of Color * Light, harmony * Each room is dedicated to planet * Middle of this room * Venus * Glory of weeding * Passing from room to room is a mythological journey * Dianna * Apollo of sister and goddess of hunt * This bust is a master piece by Bernini (renowned sculptor of town) * Bust * 27 during bust * Lorenzo Bernini got to know Louis * Royal apartment shows evolution of kings taste * Louis XIV is excellent * Ballroom * Middle is Mars (god of war) * Guide identifies paintings and sculptures * New French painting has achieved great quality of Italian art * Automatic clock * Solid gold * Gift from Austria * Every hour a small statue of the king appears * Angel above him * Royal chamber * Dedicated to Apollo * Room where his Wakening were acted out * Demonstrate use of colors * Corners paints the four continents * Décor * Changes and identifies in the wall gallery * We see Apollo the xiv ravaging the enemy * Mirrors, rare marbles, bronzes * Peace Gallery * More than 100 yards * Hall of Mirror * State for weeding and reception * More like waiting room * 17 mirror arcades * Painting silver in the back * Water outside * Great ornamental pool typify the gardens of high baroque style * Aligned with statues * Most magnificent royal garden * Gardener * Landscape architect * Transforms nature, organizes it, expands it * Pleasure Gardens * Sculptures * King would sometimes give his own guided tours * The barter? * Intended for enhacing the apartments * 1000 extoic trees * Portugal Spain and Italy * Orangerie? * 13 meter high arches * To the left, facing west a dozen groves have been concealed of the woods * Outdoor ballroom * Bole of amphitheater * Adorned with shells * Court dances in this grove * Enchanted gardens ran with poetry of Mollier * Fountains * Dedicated to the seasons * Gardener * Secrets spots behind Chalice work * Concerts * Pure classic lawns * Sculpture * Marble * Water * Pink Marble * Heart of Garden * Apollo’s chariot * Escorted by four tritons and four sea monster * Four of everything * Four seasons, four continents, four natures of men * Apollo * Wars * Loves * Past time * Fountains depict scenes * Cannot see groves of Apollo’s bath from Antona’s fountain * Apollo waited on by his nims * Marble * Grand canal * Country house * Many mistresses visit here * Perfume from flowers * All is organized to make the garden an extension of the house * Every angle can be contemplated by long bay windows * Palace of flowers * Fountains * Shape light around them * Chapel * Luminous as heaven * Manifestation of the triumph of Christ * Second floor * Pillars look like embroideries in stone * Chords swell from the giant organ * Dove- third trinity * Last construction * Huge sculptural undertaking * 60 years * Louis XIV grandson XV * Nothing seems to have change * Young kind depicted as roman emperor but holding out olive branch * Louis XV continues building projects * Neptune’s fountain, add new flavor to garden’s aspect * Man of his time * King lives in a private room * Enduring rituals * Office to the Clock * Shows the phases of the moon * Adelaide * Favorite daughter * Best wood work * King suite * Stack of little rooms * Low celiing * Undecorated walls * Domestic life is hidden from courtiers * He can be free to relax in the company of friends * No one is ever quite sure where he is * Opera * House resonates * 1000 seats * Sound is perfect * Everyone can see perfectly * Largest court opera in Europe * French queen~ Mary Antoinette * Seeks diversion * She hides away with her favorites * Gilded salon * Furniture decorated in bronze * Library she doesn’t even go * Hapsburg eagle (german)

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