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My Own Little Hell If given the opportunity to create my own vision of hell, my version would be based on the seven deadly sins. Each sin would have its own structure of punishment. If a person were to commit several sins, the last sin committed by that person would be the punishment for that individual. At each gate of the sins, there sits a judge that is in the form of whoever that individual loved most in their life and that judge will decide on that person’s life events leading up to where they committed their last sin. The portal will send the individual to their punishment, that will last 2500 years until their soul can have the opportunity to decide what next life they wish to live. Each sin has a cruel and unusual punishment for that individual which is determined by the last person they saw when the sin was committed. This list of sins that I am about to mention are in no particular order, because in my vision of hell, all sin is created equal.
Since the topic is on the great villains of our day, Kim Jong un, if the last sin committed by this villain were to have been wrath that ended with murder. His punishment would be that the person he murdered would be able to murder him over and over again for 2500 years. Another example could be Osama Bin laden, committing Envy. By wanting to be like America so badly, his sin punishment could so happen to be that he peels the skin off his body, layer by layer until it gets to the bone where it starts over and repeated. Sloth is the failure to do the things that one should do, George Bush for example his punishment for failing to run America in the right direction would be for him to walk around blindly in a maze filled with walls that are lined with spikes. Greed which could be the last sin committed by John Gotti, the famous mob gangster. The punishment being judged by the last person he saw could be to lay in the hot sun face up in the dessert while millions of ant crawl over him. Gluttony which by definition of this version of hell is selfishness. Jabba the Hutt, a fat villain from star wars. His punishment could be a tiny animals or insects eating away at his body until there was only his head left to which his body would regrow only for him to feel the pain a thousand times over. Lust to which it means a strong desire. Darth Vader can be an example, for his lust to take over the galaxy and destroy all the Jedi. His punishment of 2500 years of a thirst that is unquenchable, only to have water surround to drink, but he is chained down.
Pride is believing one is better than anyone else. Lance Armstrong is perfect for this case. His pride of not wanting to lose and having to take drugs to compete at a high level. The punishment of climbing a never ending mountain that grows endlessly in the cold sky could be suitable for Lance Armstrong. My vision of hell is different from Dante’s vision. My vision has the idea of judges doing a case by case of how the sin came to be, which determines the many outcomes of what punishment may deem fit for that individual.

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