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Veteran Employment

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The United States is one of the newest countries but has also being a very competitive growing country to those around the world. Thinking in terms of employment, one thinks of jobs like fast food, factory, or law enforcement but there is also one that many don’t think of are the member of the Military. The Military has many different branches and with in those branches there is the active and reserve. One branch, the Army, has a National Guard side where the Soldiers are considered civilian guardsmen. The National Guardsman is members of the Army National Guard who meet once a month and two weeks out of the year to train on their duties. In the recent years there has been many conflicts which the United States has been apart of, supporter of, or the major contributing party to the solution of the conflict. A person gets deployed to a conflict and when their mission is over, they become a Veteran. Deployments can last from three months up to one year long depending on many aspects on the mission. Members of all branches of the military who are returning from a deployment are veterans and experience an environment that most are not used to. As well as the long break in service from the civilian life also plays a role in the reintegration back in to the social society setting. In the more modern day life in the military orients many people to being Veterans of the multiple tours to the various areas of the world. This has presented the United States with a challenge with the continuation of caring for the...

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