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is well known, as well as empirically supported within the department of veteran’s affairs. Here the veteran can grasp onto emotions with emotional regulations, while using distress tolerance strategies ( Vujanovic et al., 2011) . There are drawbacks for mindfulness treatments, being that some veterans traumas are newly developed and therefore veterans do not initially have the ability to yet handle the distress of the events. In these types of cases, alternative therapies should be explored. It may depend on the veteran’s current state of functionality to determine if mindfulness treatments are to be beneficial. Within the scope of therapies, a question in research was developed. How do OEF and OIF veterans access their treatment? Do veterans …show more content…
Returning veterans are accustomed to having to jump through obstacles to get the services they need. Being able to provide online applications for these veterans is highly essential. It gives these returning veterans the accessibility to obtain health services without the wait.
In the long run, cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure therapy, and mindfulness have shown the wide range of treatments that the department of veteran affairs currently provides to veterans. Veteran’s are a specific demographic of individuals that need specific and specialized treatment for their recovery. It is essential to keep researching newly developed research within the OEF and OIF veterans. It is also essential for clinicians within the department of veteran affairs to explore new research as well. Conclusively, it is so important to also ask veteran’s in the community what is working for them. Being able to provide services for returning veterans is held to the highest importance. This vulnerable demographic of individuals are in high need of support and could truly value for more accessible type of treatments and services within the VA

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