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I appreciate America’s veterans because of what they do for our country and me. I have many relatives who have served, or are serving: two of my great-uncles served in Vietnam, another great-uncle who served in Korea, my grandfather was in the army, my cousin is in the Air Force, and another cousin is joining the Marines. Our veterans keep us safe from terrorists, other countries, and other potential enemies, including Iraqi’s, ISIS, and Al-Qaeda.

America’s veterans serve our country very well. They sacrifice their time-away from their families and jobs by serving overseas- and even their lives so we can live freely. I think that the veterans should get the same treatment as Congress does, because they risk their lives and many of them become homeless. They deserve more than the Congress, who just sit in an office for two years, and who get a house, a car , and food for free! Veterans deserve that! After war all veterans get is a paycheck, then many become homeless because they do not have enough money for a house, a car, or food!

When two countries are at war we step into break it up, and are stationed around the area. When we are at war with a religious group we help anyone who is not in the religious group, but in the country where they are. We would not be as strong of a democracy now if we would have split during the Civil War.

Most of the veterans that are still alive tell about what they did, what they saw, and where they were. It usually makes a huge impact on people’s lives. They have done so much for our country, they should be respected more! These are just a few reasons why I appreciate veterans. I just have to say thank you very much for all of your...

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...To: Mayor Eric Garcetti Date: November 19, 2015 Subject: Veteran Suicide Prevention in California (Nationwide) ______________________________________________________________________________ EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: “All I ever considered when I thought about suicide was the guilt I was feeling and just wanting a way out, wanting to not have those memories anymore,” said Clinton Hall, 35, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan as an infantryman and now lives in Portland, Ore. His friend and fellow soldier killed himself shortly after returning home. An epidemic is raging among us and some of us have no idea the problem sits next to the very flag of freedom we encounter throughout our day. Suicide is one of the many causes of death for American military forces. A research project in 2012 reported in Times Magazine regarding active duty members of the military, shows a surprising 349 veterans took their own lives; more than the death from combat operations that year. The Veteran Affairs Department estimates that 22 vets die by their own hand every day. For a veteran, the sound of a firework can spark a flashback of war; while shopping at the aisles of the super market, a veteran may suddenly feel the need to seek cover as it reminds him of being ambushed in Iraq or Afghanistan. The reality is that our patriots are leaving one battle and returning home to another. Some veterans feel ostracized, others are homelessness, have become drug addict,, and are unemployed. These problems relate......

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...CAPABILITIES * GRADUATE SCHOOL * 中文(简体) * Sign In ------------------------------------------------- Top of Form Bottom of Form RAND > Published Research > Research Briefs > RB-9336 > Invisible Wounds Mental Health and Cognitive Care Needs of America’s Returning Veterans RESEARCHHIGHLIGHTS View the print-friendly version: PDF (0.2 MB) Key findings: * Approximately 18.5 percent of U.S. servicemembers who have returned from Afghanistan and Iraq currently have post-traumatic stress disorder or depression; and 19.5 percent report experiencing a traumatic brain injury during deployment. * Roughly half of those who need treatment for these conditions seek it, but only slightly more than half who receive treatment get minimally adequate care. * Improving access to high-quality care(i.e., treatment supported by scientific evidence) can be cost-effective and improve recovery rates. | Since October 2001, approximately 1.64 million U.S. troops have deployed to support operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Many have been exposed for prolonged periods to combat-related stress or traumatic events. Safeguarding the mental health of these servicemembers and veterans is an important part of ensuring the future readiness of our military force and compensating and honoring those who have served our nation. In the wake of recent reports and media attention, public concern about the care of the war wounded is high. In response, several task forces,......

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