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Being an active good listener in the veterinary office is of the utmost importance. When a client is explaining their pet's problems to the receptionist, they want to know that receptionist is listening effectively. Not everyone is a good listener, listening is really hard work and it takes concentration. There are a few things one can do to become a good listener and there are signs that someone is not listening.

If a friend is telling a story, they expect to be listened to. There are a few things we as people do to let them know we are not listening. Distracting ourselves is one of them. Sending a text message, watching a dog in the distance or thinking about what needs done at home are all ways of distracting ourselves. Interrupting someone as they speak is also a good way to let them know you are not listening. Topping their story with one of your own can let someone know they are not being listened to. Just because you've done the same things as them doesn't mean they want to know about it. Just listen to their story and be genuinely interested in what they are saying.

There are several ways to break those habits and become a good listener. Squarely facing the speaker, uncrossing your arms, leaning towards the speaker and making eye contact are excellent ways to start. Repeating things back to the speaker is another way, however this needs to be used when appropriate. Also realize when you're not listening and fix it. Be mindful of what the person is saying to you, leave your phone in your pocket and be honest with them. Let them know you weren't listening and ask them to repeat the last part.

Body language can say a lot about a person and how they are feeling. Body language is very relevant to management and leadership and can be a good tool to understanding someone. There are some cultural differences in body language however. Something...

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