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•Having read the preceding paragraph, what improvements to the current criminal justice system would you make to help make the criminal justice system contain fewer variables? If I could have my choice over improvements in some areas of the Criminal Justice system I would start with local Law enforcement by upping their pay and doing extensive screenings for more qualified officers. I would also work hard to make sure that all Police Departments have all of the up to date equipment so that they can do their job for efficiently and effectively. As far as the courts are concerned, I would structure to a point so hat hard paying tax payers are not working hard just to have their money wasted funding some rapist serial killers trial. I don’t believe that they deserve that when there isn’t a benefit of a doubt that they did the crime.
•"If you committed a crime but were not arrested, does that make you a criminal?" What is your response? Why or why not? If a person commits a crime and wasn’t caught, would still be perceived as a criminal to me.There is a thing as undetected crimes, these are crimes that people haven’t been caught or arrested for yet. It doesn’t make you less of a criminal because you haven’t been caught. In fact I feel like it makes you more of a criminal.
•As discussed in your reading assignment, what are the differences between the consensus and conflict models of the criminal justice system?
Basically the differences in the Consensus and conflict models are the belief of each group of people.The Conflict models seems as if it’s in the favor of who owns what and how much of it they own defines who they are and their opportunity’s allotted in life.The Consensus model Claims that the world moves along because of shared interest and values. I believe that is true in some situations but very few.
•What are the differences between the crime control…...

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