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Victim Typologies

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Victim Typologies

Primary Victimization: One person targeted: - consists of a situation with personalized or individual form of victimization whereby an individual or group selects a specific person to target for victimization. A typical victim of this could be a hate crime where a specific person is picked out for victimization on the basis of their race or skin color. Domestic abuse case is also an example where the husband or boyfriend targets his wife or girlfriend. Domestic violence typically occurs within the household involving spouses or former spouses or some people in a current relationship. This is even possible among blood relatives. Regarding hate crime, this could be directed at a person or even property, the motivation stemming from the offender’s bias towards the victim.
Secondary Victimization: Impersonal Target – involves an impersonal target being victimized. This could consist of a business or corporation victimizing an individual. An example of this could be a customer using their credit card in a department store only to find out that their personal information was sold out to a third party. Also, a person could use their social security number in applying for a loan only to find out that such information was sold to a third part and the customer is now being harassed to pay a loan that they may not have received to begin with. Secondary victimization involves an indirect act stemming from an organization to the victim.
Tertiary Victimization: Public is victim – involves the general public as being the victim. An example of this could be a public office holder embezzling public funds by, maybe, taking a personal trip to an island and charging all the expenses to his office, though the trip is not related to his job. A fund-raising money raised for a campaign for a politician in the course of an election that is misused by the politician for...

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