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Victimless Crimes

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First, I never really realized the many debates and issues America really has until this course. Some issues may seem like common sense on how to solve the problem but not everyone may be happy with every result because of their “beliefs” moral and values. I know that wearing seat beats is state regulated. The government can legally require us to wear a seat belt. Especially, if their major concern is about cutting cost and saving the lives of others. Many feel that when we allow the government to enforce these kinds of laws, we are surrendering our ability to think and act for ourselves. To be honest we have some people that seem to have no brain and this is why such laws have to be in place. It may not be fair and it may infringe on our rights a bit but it is here to balance things. Most of the time it is not very easy to determine in specific cases the right thing to do and no solutions seem obviously correct. As adults, we have experienced many situations to where we are able to decide whether we would like to follow particular rules, but for children it is undetermined in which case it is safe to let some adults decide for them. So rules like having child restraint are put into place for them so that they are protected in every measure. I know that my children will jump in the car without putting a seat belt on and I have to remind them to put it on because when they are in the back seat. I prefer them to be in a car seat with their seat belt on for my own safety reason as well as follow the set of rules given to me to abide by. Click it or ticket and I refuse to pay $200 for anything that does not involve a sense of satisfaction.
Mosser, K. (2010). Introduction to Ethics and Social Responsibility. San Diego, Bridgepoint Education,...

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