Victims and Crime

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Victims and Crime Evaluation Paper

Victims and Crime Evaluation Paper
Experiencing the traumatic events of being victimized is something no one ever wants to experience. A victim is an individual, no matter what title they may hold be it doctor, police officer, parent or child, who has underwent a crime or wrong doing for a specific purpose in which the criminal acts upon. More often than none, victims can be close relatives if designated by the courts in the event the victim is either deceased or debilitated (University of Phoenix, 2011). There was a time way back in the AD 400 era, which was known as the “Golden Age of the victim” when the legal and law enforcement system was not even heard of. Families would take matters into their own hands by retaliating against anyone who victimized a family member or friend. Once they found the perpetrator who committed the act, the family would punish them in a way that society accepted doing that time period. This was the way victimization would be handled from AD 400 up until 1960s, a period that is better known in history as being the “Kings Peace” any wrong that was done against another individual was looked at as a crime against society. This caused society to forget about individual rights and only think about the society and states well being, luckily things would change with law enforcement agencies and a judicial system being developed. The development of these key acquisitions meant victims were no longer allowed to take matters into their own hands and the time of vigilantism abruptly ended (University of Phoenix, 2011).
The 1960s up until the period society is currently in brought about numerous changes to assist the victim in a number of ways. Victims now have many rights, rights like, trail and post trail rights, along with pretrial rights, and they…...