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CNS Breathe Right Strips are an international product that has played a positive impact on many lives from sleep-deprived snorers and individuals with allergies to competitive athletes looking for a little push to maximize their performance. Breathe Right Strips have found a place in many homes around the world and with great marketing techniques, been chosen over competition on a routine basis.

How successful do you feel CNS has been in trying to put their product in each of the markets it has entered? How does this success relate to brand equity?

CNS has done a great job exposing Breathe Right nasal strips in the different markets presented and finding openings for more exposure. CNS has had great success in getting their product into the right hands. Initial marketing was focused on snorers and then individuals with colds and allergies but has found a great place in the sports fields with the ability to assist sports players in maximum performance by using their strips.
Breathe Right has been marketed successfully to effectively be the first considered and chosen over the counter breathing aide. The brand equity is superior to competing brands because of their research, marketing, and FDA approval of their product.

As a BRAND, how powerful is CNS's brand image?

The company has a positive and superior brand image. The Breathe Right brand is international and has great celebrity endorsements in various sports popular in different areas of the world. National Football League’s Herschel Walker as well as superstar wide receiver Jerry Rice swear by and endorse their product. Valentino Rossi, motorcycle racer of Italy, will not race without his Breathe Right strips! The marketing in sports as well as mastering what appeals to different areas of the world have all had a great impact on the success of the brand image.…...

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