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Video Conference

Last Wednesday video conference was very interesting, we had to meet at UNIBE in order to have a live video chat, in the conference there were other students present, for example the FIU students. It was very interesting because we had many topics to discussed in which I was very interested in because they are goanna help me in my future. Whether that I decide to open a business or work for someone, because one of the topics where business startups. We also discussed about taxes, corruption and globalization.
The conference went very smoothly because the way the conference was structured was that the UNIBE students gave an opinion and also the FIU students gave another opinion, so we can see in what things we were related and in which we weren’t, with these opinions that we gave we can see how culture affects the way each people should do business depending on where they are.
We also agreed that corruption is everywhere. In order to stop corruption we agreed that more regulations had to be created within the governments institutions in order to supervise high or corrupt government officials. An open question was also done with the two parties that where in conference which was; “Does corruption affect a business?” we both agreed that it does affect tit because corruption may affect small business or startups, it may not give them the opportunity to have a competitive market with others in their industry.
It was a very good experience of having this video conference, personally I have never been a part of a video conference before in my life, and I saw how enriching it could be for students and people who do business with others around the world. You can learn about others experience in different regions and prevent for a bad thing to happen in your business or maybe do a change of strategy for your business in order to…...