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Date: August 28, 2011
To: Pat Caring, Chairperson of the Board of Directors
From: Sharie Evans, Director of Communications
Subject: Video Conferencing and our Expanding Business

Video conferencing is becoming the norm for business communication. Our technology systems are advanced and our need for communication is great. As we expand our business, we become aware of the need to improve our communications systems. We have all used tele-conferencing for communicating when immediate access to a particular person(s) is needed but have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to see and speak at the same time to that individual? Instead of trying to explain a complicated matter verbally over the phone, what would the reality of showing them be like instead? Incorporating a video conferencing system into our daily business endeavours would bring all our offices throughout Canada as close as humanly possible without ever having to leave the comfort of the office (Tredent, 2011). Here is an overview highlighting the benefits of introducing video conferencing into our corporation.

Benefits of video conferencing
There are many benefits of video conferencing that affect the business and the employee/employer relationship. The norm for young families now is the increased desire for family time, and as we hire fresh associates we must take into consideration the effect of excessive travel required in our job. Travel is expensive and time consuming; car rentals, business flights and hotels do not come cheap and the amount of time and salary lost by our associates in travel time is large. Associates who commute to work endure long trips on the road to come into and home from the office. It can be exhausting and has a negative effect on the environment. This is of great concern to the public as businesses are often scrutinized for the ‘carbon…...