Video Game Design Career Essay

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Video Game Design Career Essay

I was a kid, maybe six or seven years old when I first played one of those small portable video games, the famous Nintendo gameboy advance. Since that day I became a lover of video games, dreaming of becoming a creator or game designer, as it is called today. As I play more games, more grew in me the dream not only to play the game, but Also to create them; in fact I have come up with many nice thoughts about video games from what I have played and I believed one day my dream will come true when I will create my own game, hoping such game will become a famous game. After doing researches, I found that in fact, the video game industry it is a huge business managing billions of dollars, and that in order to create video game from just the game’s idea until the end step, a lot of different People with different educational background and training is needed. So, the questions now are, what part of this long chain of different positions I am interested for? What position within this multi-billions of industry will give me a major satisfaction? What position will give me the better income? Are universities or colleges in Puerto Rico offering courses for all these positions? Well, I think that I will only find answers researching more about the video games industry and those college in Puerto Rico teaching related course of study. I hope the next paragraphs will provide more information that helps to find answers about doubts in this field of video games.

The industry as already stablished a three major steps in all video game creation as a part of a game development process; these are preproduction, production, and postproduction. The length of this process is determined at the beginning of the preproduction phase and depends on a game’s size, complexity (game features), and programming needs depending on the equipment to be play. As…...