Video Game Violence

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Video Game Violence In Youth
Kevin Roshanaie
Prof Sills
March 12, 2012

Video Game Violence in Youth
This Paper will discuss how violent video games do not cause any acts of violence among the youth in this country. A larger gap is shown between the public’s perception of Video games and what research shows. Some people assume that the availability of video games has led to a pandemic in youth violence. According to federal crime statistics “the rate of juvenile violent crimes in the United States is at a 30 year low”. (Henry Jenkins ) “Researchers have discovered that people who are serving time for violent crimes typically consume less media before committing their crime than the average person in the general population”. (Henry Jenkins ) One thing that is true, Young offenders who have committed school shooting’s here in America have been avid video game players. Young people are the ones who are gamers over the adults. “Statistics show that 90 percent of boys and 40 percent of girls play video games”. (

The overwhelming majority of the youth who play video games do not commit any anti –social acts. According to a report by the U.S Surgeon General that was released in 2001. The report “states that the strongest risk factors for schools shootings are centered on mental stability of that youth offender and it’s also based on the quality of their home life not exposure to video games”.( Henry Jenkins) The panic over video games causing violence is doubly harmful to youth. This panicking has led the authorities to be more suspicious and hostile towards kids who feel cut off from the system. This Panicking has also misdirected energy away from the actual causes of youth violence.

Scientific Evidence
Scientific Evidence links violent video games with youth violence? Claims like this are based on the work of researchers who represent one…...