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Video Games and Youth Aggression

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Video Games and Youth Aggression
Reuben Steele
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Abstract Due to technology advances, video games are becoming more graphically violent these days. Maybe we ask ourselves, is this the reason our youth are becoming more violent and aggressive? Some say that it’s not the video games that cause the aggression, but more of the individual. Our youth are more susceptible to influence, and violent video games are one of the many influences that promotes aggression. Parents/guardians are allowing the youth to purchase and play the games and the distributors are selling the games to minors when there are guidelines that need to be followed.
Video Games and Youth Aggression Today in age, we are facing a rising epidemic. Youth aggression (violence) is constantly on the news and radio. What is the cause of this epidemic? Some say it is the music we listen to; others say it is what we watch on TV. And movies, but lately it is something that our youth is becoming more and more active in, video games. Video game over the years has become more violent and aggressive due to the advances in technology. It has come to the point where children can become more physical with the games that are out today. What does this say about how video gaming affecting our youth’s aggression? It is saying that our youth (mainly boys ages 10- 16) are easily influenced by violent acts that are displayed in video games and that what they see is what want to imitate (Punam¨aki, R., Rimpel¨a, A., Wallenius, M (2007). With the stress of social life and issues at home tends to heighten the aggression in violent acts towards others. Our youth are easily influenced by any game that destroys damages and causes pain to other characters in the games. A lot of First-Person shooters, RPG (Role Playing Games), and fighting games have been developed to catch the eye of the youth....

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