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Topic: Non promotion of violence in Video games in the US
Specific purpose: I want to actuate you to oppose promotion of violence in video games.
Thesis: Violence in video games should not be promoted because generally violence has a negative influence on a person’s mental thoughts and once a person has such thoughts they are likely to fall victims of violence prior to what they see or do during playing the violent video games.
Introduction: How many of you have played Carmageddon-1997, Soldiers of fortune-2000 or related video games? And what effect have they had on you? I know it is hard to point out what effect such video games have had on you but today I am here to tell you the effects of such violent video games and in turn oppose the promotion of violence in video games.
First reason why violence should not be promoted in video games is because they increase a person’s aggressive thoughts, feelings and behavior. This comes about when the brain becomes less responsive and in turn leads to increased aggression. Likewise when playing violent video games we tend to identify with the aggressors in the video game and this makes us mimic their characters even when not playing them and this leads to change of behavior and moral practices (Gruffiths 102).
The second reason is that violent video games led to most youth deliquescent. Research from Lowa state research has shown that most criminal acts done by youths have a direct relationship to the type of media they are exposed to including violent video games. People playing violent video games tend to identify themselves with the video games and engage in criminal acts like attacks, theft or even murder. Such acts leave them in jail or they end up being fined large sums of money.
Third reason why violence in video games should not be promoted is because they affect the attention and…...