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Violence in Video Games
There has been a debate for years on whether or not violence in video games cause behavioral problems in kids. In this Essay we are going to attempt to take a look at this debate and try to find out once and for all which side has the more legitimate case. The debate over this issue spans back more than two decades and with technology improving leaps and bounds over the past ten years games have become more realistic and violent.
In a study in 2013 Doctors Christopher Ferguson and Cheryl Olson discovered violent video games such as Grand Theft Auto, HALO, and Mortal Combat did not cause High Risk Teens those with depression or an attention disorder to become more aggressive or delinquents (Nauert). In fact this study did show a slight calming effect on children with attention disorders. It also showed that it helped calm aggression in those high risk teens as well. This study was important because it goes against the belief that violent games have an effect on teens to become more violent and act out it shows that Societal Violence plays a bigger part on the influence of kids than video games do (Nauert). Ferguson and Olson studied 377 teens with an average age of thirteen from all different backgrounds and economic circumstances. Ferguson goes on records as saying “Statistically speaking, it would actually be more unusual if a youth delinquent or shooter did not play violent video games, given that the majority of youth and young men play such games at least occasionally.” (Nauert). The researchers do however continue to advocate that the perception of kids being violent is a direct correlation between video games and there violent acts is false.
In a study that supports the claim that video games do cause violent behavior we will attempt to look at two studies done by psychologist Craig Anderson and Karen E. Dill. One studies showed…...

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