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Underwater astonishments
The message of the video is let people know how the fishes change their skins’ color and pattern when they want to hide in somewhere. The speaker uses different videos that shot the skin changing times of different types of fishes, the video also make the slow motion for the changing time of the fishes’ skin so that the audience can clearly see how amazing the changing is. In my opinion, those kind of abilities of the creature in the sea is very amazing. I also think people should pay more attention to the nature things; we should discover more interesting and fantastic things that nature created.

Future Proof
The video shows the dance movements of three people, which are one male and two female. The view of the movie is just black with some stars, but the film also is added different types of computer graphic effects. The effect of combination of people and technologies is perfect and impressive. The director might want to demonstrate the importance of technology for modern human life through this movie. In my opinion, the film illustrate people cannot live without technologies. To make the film different and prolific, the film also includes some different elements, such as love, angry, and pain. I think people also can see the video as a film that describes a love story.

The video describes a queer story, which is about a mother with a child. The strange thing is the actions of the boy are like a wolf. For example, the boy eats the bird, snarl to his mother and use his tongue drink water. The movie uses this way to demonstrate a common issue that exists in today’s society, which is some parents’ education methods, are incorrect. Some parents always pay a lot attention to their children, even when their children are grown; some parents make many rules to their children, even their children do not agree or obey…...